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About us

The company was founded on the basis of the growing demand for work abroad and at home.

We are able to provide all our business partners, employees / freelancers with the best treatment and conditions that we are able to provide. I can empathise with each potential employee / tradesman and solve problems that have arisen and that I myself have dealt with during my many years abroad as a plumber.

We can appreciate your skills and experience. That’s why we are looking for the best offer for you. We will work to push you further. No misleading on our part. Everything we agree between us we will deliver, and we expect the same from your side.


We make sure that the contractor's work is executed with quality, professionalism and according to the client's expectations.


We place emphasis on the vetting, expertise, qualifications and language proficiency of our potential employees / tradespeople that is required by the business partner.

Projects abroad

Thanks to projects implemented abroad, we are able to offer our clients innovative solutions on a global level.

We value our business partners

Partnerships with our business partners are the foundation of our success, which is why we place great emphasis on respect and cooperation.

Long-term projects

We also focus on long-term projects that allow us to build lasting relationships with business partners and customers.

Staff qualifications

We invest in the professional development of our employees, providing them with opportunities for further training and developing their skills.


Plumbing work

water, heating, gas, air-conditioning installation, floor heating, sanitary installation


Assembly work

locksmith work, welding work, assembly and disassembly of production lines, production operators


Electrical work

installation of electrical wiring, installation of electrical wiring, installation of electrical equipment


Construction work

plastering, painting, plasterboard, tiles



Are you interested in our offer?
If so and you are interested in working with us, just fill in a non-binding questionnaire with your work preferences, qualifications and contact details. We will then do our best to provide you with a job offer according to your criteria. You can also contact us by phone or email.

Milošová 491, Čadca 022 01

Emil Gulcik - Managing Director (SK)

+421 915 714 951

Martin Liška - German speaking (DE)

+421 902 178 769